ALEX BOERNER | Editorial & Commercial Photographer | Durham, North Carolina ALEX BOERNER | Editorial & Commercial Photographer | Durham, North Carolina

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I am an independent photographer who focuses on people.

I live in Durham, North Carolina, a vibrant southern city that is expanding quickly and dealing with the positives and negatives that come along with that growth. In late 2013, my spouse and I quit our jobs in Florida, sold our home and moved here without a clue as to how we were going to survive. Good friends and a supportive creative community helped us land and thrive in this active city and we are grateful for that.

Long before landing in Durham, my career in photography began as an assistant in Minneapolis, Minnesota where I worked on commercial productions for advertising campaigns involving portraiture, product and lifestyle photography.

A curiosity about the world led me to pursue photojournalism, which I was able to practice nearly daily for more than a decade as a staff photographer for various news organizations.

Both experiences have been invaluable. My time in the commercial world has given me an appreciation for collaborative problem solving and production value; my background as a photojournalist taught me how to tell a story and be fluid in changing situations. I work comfortably alone or with a crew and I work fast.

Some of the favorite things in my life are our two dogs and cat, Minnesota Twins baseball, Fernet, cold coffee, home-grown vegetables, and Richmond (Virginia). I play a little bit of guitar and earlier in my life, I was captain of my NCAA Division III wrestling team.

Traveling is a piece of cake since the Raleigh-Durham International airport is only 20 minutes away. I’ve also got friends, family and photographic resources in southeast Florida and the Twin Cities and with a little notice, I can be “local” in either of those places.

Give me a call and let’s make something great!

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